Get Seven Meditations for Your Spiritual Growth and Practice

Strengthen your capacity for presence, power and love through the seven meditations on the core concepts of psychosynthesis.

Love, Abundance, Flow, Focus, Power, Presence and Silence

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Get seven meditations that will transform your life

We all experience inner conflicts, fears and desires that enslave us to inauthentic behaviour and make us less than we have the potential to be. The seven meditations offer a spiritual practice that can offset these problems and create a more harmonious life through the practice of presence, power and love. The seven meditations are based on the wisdom of Dr. Roberto Assagioli, as described in the book The Soul of Psychosynthesis. Each meditation focuses on one of the seven core concepts of psychosynthesis, as defined by Assagioli, which can be considered as the seven jewels of synthesis

Who is Kenneth Sørensen?

Kenneth has been meditating on a daily basis for more than 30 years and has facilitated many training programmes in meditation. Kenneth Sørensen is the CEO of JivaYou, which offers an online identity profile assessment tool based on the insights of the Seven Types and psychosynthesis (see www.jivayou.com/en/).

He is also the author of six books; his most recent are The Soul of Psychosynthesis (2015), Integral Meditation (2016) and The Seven Types (2019). Kenneth works as a psychotherapist and psychosynthesis teacher, and is the former director of training for the Norwegian Institute of Psychosynthesis. He has a Master's degree in psychosynthesis from the University of East London.

Kenneth Sørensen