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"The book is full of great ideas and good illustrations"
Piero Ferrucci; is an international bestselling author, a psychotherapist and philosopher
“The essential unity of all souls does not exclude differences existing in their personal appearances. Therefore, we must make a serious study of these different qualities. This study should become more and more a part of the new psychology. We should endeavour to understand the true nature, the underlying function and purpose, the specific problems, virtues and vices of each type, as it manifests in and through a human individual.”

Roberto Assagioli in Loving Understanding

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Kenneth Sørensen’s book The Seven Types provides a comprehensive introduction to psychosynthesis typology.

You will learn: 

How to discover your dominant type at each of the five psychological levels, namely your soul type, personality type, thinking type, feeling type and body type. 

How to integrate your five-fold typology and become an influential person who can make a difference in the world.  

How to apply the Seven Types in a counselling and coaching practice through the seven counselling strategies and styles.

How to work with a typology profiling tool so you can discover and validate a person's dominant types.  

The Seven Types: Psychosynthesis Typology, Discover your five dominant types. By Kenneth Sørensen, 454 pages, full colour, 34$/42$, Kentaur Publishing. Available now in paperback and hardback. 

The seven types on a good day

What can I learn from the Seven Types?

the seven types on a bad day

The Seven Types is a contemporary typological model based on the work of Roberto Assagioli and the ancient wisdom of the Seven Rays, with additional elements drawn from modern psychology, including the work of Ken Wilber.

In developing the Seven Types, Kenneth Sørensen and his colleagues have drawn upon years of research and practical experience in their roles in counselling, psychotherapy, coaching and mentoring.

The Seven Types is based on the fundamental principle that everything in the universe is comprised of energy. This energy expresses itself in seven ways – like the colours of a rainbow – giving us seven types of energy (dynamic, sensitive, mental, creative, analytical, dedicated, practical).

We are all comprised of these energies, with each of us manifesting different combinations of the seven energies. Indeed, the Seven Types posits that the human psyche consists of five psychological levels – body, feeling, thought, personality, soul – and that a different energy is dominant at each level, giving each of us a unique combination of types: our own psychological DNA. This book shows how we can identify our five dominant types and work with their qualities so that we may become all we can be.

The book also offers practical advice on how to work with the seven types in a counselling setting, describing seven strategies and styles that will help the counsellor tune into the client’s energies with empathy.

The Seven Types highlights a long-neglected aspect of psychosynthesis theory, and offers a set of tools that can help us all on the path to self-awareness and self-realisation.

The Seven Types: Psychosynthesis Typology, Discover your five dominant types. By Kenneth Sørensen, 454 pages, full colour, 34$/42$, Kentaur Publishing. Available at Amazon in paperback and hardback.

Buy the book here in full color: Amazon ($30/42) price 2019-06-03

The Seven Types in Counselling and Coaching

“In order truly to understand, we must be willing to make the necessary preparation and develop in ourselves the specific faculty, namely, empathy. The preparation consists in acquiring an adequate knowledge of psychology, both general and specific; this includes:
a. A knowledge of the psychological constitution of the human being;
b. A comprehension of the differential psychology of ages, sexes, types, etc.;
c. An acquaintance with the unique combination of traits in different individuals.”

Roberto Assagioli 

Empathy, the ability to relate to someone in his or her world, is a fundamental skill for any coach or counsellor. But what do we do when we encounter a person whose worldview and personality are very different to our own? The Seven Types introduces seven counselling strategies and styles that provide the insight and understanding needed to help you work effectively with all types of people.

The seven counselling strategies will help you to tune into the perspectives of each of the seven types. In doing so, you will be able to understand what each client needs to feel authentically seen.

The seven counselling styles will teach you how to harmonise your presence with each type of client and express yourself in ways they can relate to.

They key to this approach is empathy and discovering how you can adjust your perspective and your style of counselling to make effective connections when working with clients.

Buy the book here in full color: Amazon ($30/42) price 2019-06-03

The author: Kenneth Sørensen

Kenneth Sørensen is the CEO of JivaYou, which offers an online identity profile assessment tool based on the insights of the Seven Types and psychosynthesis (see

He is also the author of six books; his most recent are The Soul of Psychosynthesis (2015), Integral Meditation (2016) and The Seven Types (2019).

Kenneth works as a psychotherapist and psychosynthesis teacher, and is the former director of training for the Norwegian Institute of Psychosynthesis. He has a Master's degree in psychosynthesis from the University of East London.

Kenneth Sørensen