Supporting people through growth

Teaching, coaching
and facilitating growth strategies for individuals and businesses

What does it
mean to thrive?

We thrive when we learn about ourselves
and unfold in the right environment

When people thrive in their jobs, their skills and talents come to the fore and they produce their most creative work – this is our core philosophy. So how do we create the right environment for people to thrive?

Insight and self-knowledge

To thrive, we must know ourselves and the kind of nourishment we need to thrive on. Because all growth is based on a fundamental level of self-awareness, it is therefore essential. It is essential for us to learn about our unique qualities, talents and history because growth emerges out of authentic self-knowledge – which includes an investigation of our values, purpose, experiences, typology, competencies, accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses.

Purpose, goals
and creativity

Thriving emerges from an organic unfolding of all we can be. Self-expression – the joyful blooming of our inherent qualities – is the goal of human experience; we are here to give who we are through our skills and creativity.

For this to happen, we need to know what we are here to unfold – meaning we need to understand our purpose, goals and creativity. In this way, discovering our unique personal way of thriving is the path to becoming self-directing people with a capacity for self-leadership and creative self-expression.

Change and transformation
in a rich environment

The human experience means we will inevitably face crises, challenges and obstacles – we will struggle whenever we are faced with change
if we lack self-knowledge or direction. Indeed, no-one can thrive in an inadequate environment that does not support our inner psychological makeup. 

This is why we need reliable psychological theories and tools that will foster healthy adaptation and change in ourselves and in
our environment. Here at JivaYou, we help individuals, groups and businesses to find their unique recipe for growth so they can thrive and flourish in their surroundings.

How we

We have many years
of experience with
teaching and coaching
people to thrive,
drawing on a wide range
of strategies according
to the specific need.

Conceptualisation of growth We teach psychology, typology, the seven coaching strategies, conflict resolution, awareness-training, transformational skills, and the art of self-leadership.

Personality evaluation We help people to develop a clear understanding of their personality through coaching and meditation and through an assessment of their purpose, goals, values, needs, skills and experiences.

Typological assessment and development We help people to gain insights into their typological combination through testing, evaluation and coaching. This brings about an awareness of our natural gifts, qualities, talents and resources. It also provides insight into our core challenges, imbalances and immaturities, and how we can overcome them.

Leadership training We help people discover their inner strengths through the seven leadership styles and an understanding of their will. We foster a capacity for self-leadership and an ability to practice strong, good and skilful will.

Transformational capacity We give people tools for self-mastery so they can deal with anxiety, fear, aggression, depression, inner resistance and pain in all its shapes and forms.

Group consciousness Each group has its own personality, with particular qualities,
talents, conflicts and immaturities. We can provide insight and overview into
the typological features of groups and organisations so you can know your group’s
strengths and weaknesses from a group culture perspective.

Conflict resolution We provide insights that foster a greater understanding of
diversity and empathy by exploring how the different types of people interact in relationships and in groups. Training in communication and mediation is also
applied here.

Who we are

Kenneth Sørensen is the CEO of, which offers coaching, teaching and personality profiles to businesses and individuals based on the philosophy of psychosynthesis and the Seven Types.

Kenneth has an MA in Psychosynthesis from the University of East London and has been working as a counsellor and

coach since 2003. He is a former Director of Training at the Norwegian Institute of Psychosynthesis.

Kenneth developed the psychology underpinning JivaYou’s personality profiles in collaboration with his colleague Søren Hauge, and he is the author of six books, including The Soul of Psychosynthesis (2015), Integral Meditation (2016), and The Seven Types (2019).

Mariann Marthinussen is a seasoned therapist and teacher with extensive professional experience and education in transpersonal psychology.

She has her own practice where she conducts workshops, couples and individual therapy, and coaching, also working as a
supervisor and counsellor for therapists and executive coaches. She is part of

CoachHub International, which offers coaching in leadership development.

Mariann is a board member of the Conflict Prevention Group, and is on the board of directors for EMCC Norway. She is a former chairman of the Norwegian Psychosynthesis organizations and leader of the ethics committee.


Anne Sloth Dieserud is a psychotherapist in psychosynthesis and a counsellor and teacher working with the Seven Types. She runs a private practice in Oslo, where she has been working with her colleague Sølvi Raastad since 2005.

Anne is a former CEO of the Norwegian Institute of Psychosynthesis and is currently part of the ethical board for psychotherapists in psychosynthesis in Norway. In earlier days, Anne worked with operations, organisation and management in the clothing industry.

Sølvi Raastad is a psychotherapist in psychosynthesis and a counsellor working with the Seven Types. She runs a busy private practice in Oslo with her colleague Anne Sloth Dieserud.

Sølvi is one of four former shareholders of the Norwegian Institute of Psychosynthesis. Her background is in the media and communications industry.

Kenneth Sørensen, CEO, JivaYou

Email or call: +45 2513 0502
Consultations: Coaching sessions take place in Oslo, Norway, or via Skype. Address: Kristinelundveien 6, 1. sal, Oslo
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Kenneth Sørensen, Jesper Bundgaard and Søren Hauge

Jiva means ‘unique identity’ in Sanskrit. Hence, JivaYou is referring to ‘the unique identity in you’ – and it is our goal to help you find this.

JivaYou was established in 2012 by Kenneth Sørensen, Jesper Bundgaard and Søren Hauge, and together we have developed the psychology underpinning the JivaYou web-based platform.

Between us, we have spent more than 30 years investigating the therapeutic and spiritual application of integral philosophy, psychosynthesis and the perennial philosophy, and out of this we have developed the psychological theory and practice behind Ji-vaYou’s model of personality profiling.

The JivaYou online Personality Test is a set of 84 questions that is used to generate a personality profile presented in a compre-hensive 20-page review of your unique personality type and how to develop it.

Our online Identity Test uses 168 questions to create an identity profile that incorporates an understanding of both your soul type and personality type to describe your unique way to Soul- or Self-Realisation, and how to integrate this with your particular typology.

Other tests are in preparation – including our Talent and Limiter (Shadow) Tests.

We recommend working with an experienced typology coach or therapist to help you

apply the results of our tests in your work, education and life pursuits. Our coaches can help you to realise your potential and overcome the challenges faced by your unique type.

Our vision is to help
each and every individual
to become who they truly are
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